The Home Depot Home Services is a division of The Home Depot, offering dozens of installation services to customers. In order to educate in-store associates and managers on Home Services, I worked with one of our Marketing Managers on various interactive learning tools.

For Home Services Squares, we played off of the game show Hollywood Squares. We engaged the merchants from the six focus programs and the directors from the three divisions to provide valuable statistics and facts about each of their programs or divisions. An associate clicks on each of the squares to flip over and reveal these statistics and facts. In order to get associates to engage in the tool, the Marketing team posted questions in The Home Depot’s internal social media platform for people to answer and win prizes.

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Cabinet Refacing is one of the hardest programs for associates and customers to understand in order to generate leads. To better educate store associates about Cabinet Refacing, I collaborated with the Marketing Manager to develop a map that represents the store and where one may be able to find a lead other than the kitchen department. Homer greets the employee with instructions, leading them to the treasure map with four clickable pins. When the employee clicks on the different pins, the side slides out with information about how to find a lead in that area, including downloadable PDFs with more information.

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Another version of the map was created for Bath Install Programs with the same functionality as the Cabinet Refacing map. Instead of the treasure map, I produced an 8-bit, retro video game version.

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